My, my, my my, Corona: a lockdown photo journal

With life reduced to four walls and a daily walk, turning my camera on life & home amid the Corvid-19 lockdown.

Family gathering with four generations

As the UK went into Corona lockdown in March 2020, and all shoots were cancelled, the borders of life shrank to just a few rooms and a daily walk.

Starved of work, I decided to do something unusual for me, and focus my Phase One camera closer to home.

My brief: working with a top-down viewfinder, and shooting in black & white, take one photo each day to capture something characteristic about the new normality, and make a Corona photo journal to document these strange times as they passed in one flat in Brixton.

So far, we are lucky in that we haven’t been ill, and unlike many people, no-one in our families has been hit by Corvid-19 either.

But from toilet paper shortages to Zooming Great Grandma, from washing soup cans to celebrating a birth, much of human life seems to be here, just confined to the house…

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