The Doctor in the House

Forcing my teenage sci-fi fanboy self to breathe deeply, shooting none other than The Doctor for exciting immersive show Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Just before lockdown kicked in, I had the pleasure of shooting with the team at I A Marketing and Immersive Everywhere on a new sci-fi project.

I’ve worked with these folks on the long running Immersive Great Gatsby show.

Now, I love literature, and have an English Degree to prove it, but having a Time Lord in the studio brought real joy to the sci fi nerd buried not so deep inside…

The new immersive show Doctor Who: Time Fracture is set in 1940, when a mysterious weapon destroys a part of London, and features the usual rogues gallery of Whovian villains, from Daleks to the Master.

More importantly, it gives superfans and the rest of of us, the chance to help the Doctor out in his/her usual mission to save the world.

To capture that sense of participatory excitement, we crafted a vision of the audience member as Time Lord, replete with scarf, funky outfit and and cool demeanour in the face of catastrophe.

So maybe not The Doctor, but definitely A Doctor in the studio!

And seeing the Tardis and famous logo on my site is definitely a reward for that younger sci fi-loving Wharley.

Buy tickets and learn more at: