Talking Advertising Photography for Theatre

Joining the Kings Head Theatre #KHTOnline Lunchtime Session to discuss how teamwork makes a great promo campaign.

Things are pretty bleak for the shuttered theatre industry at the moment, and without a Government bailout, and with social distancing making reopening anytime soon problematic, the sector faces some very real, existential challenges.

But it has faced plagues once and twice before and come through, and theatre people deal in uncertainty as a stock in trade. So, hopefully, we’ll all be here doing work this time next year at the latest.

In the meantime, positive initiatives like The Kings Head Theatre‘s #KHTOnline lunchtime sessions, have allowed all sorts of expertise, insights and experiences to be shared – from commissioning a piece of new writing, to choreographing a dance number.

So, it was a pleasure to join them to discuss this exciting niche, and consider how commissioning and creating great promotional and advertising imagery for theatre revolves around teamwork.

Watch the video above, and there are links and shout outs below.

Thanks for having me folks!

Designer shout outs to refer to & explore were the amazing: @bex_1986, @bobkingcreative, @Oliver_Rosser at @feastcreative, @stephpyne, @adamfulrath & co @dewynterslondon, @sam_charrington + @MuseCreativecom. I should have said @OllieWinser & the designers @NationalTheatre but forgot!

Awesome promo photographers to applaud, in theatre mainly: @MrMattCrockett, @Darren_Bell, @_TheOtherRichards, @BronwenSharp, @MurphyMade, @helenmurraypix, @HelenMaybanks, @nick_rutter & @aliwrightphoto. Meant to say @seamusphoto, as admire his work so much, but forgot.

Marketing agencies & theatres/shows referenced : @EMG_ENTS, @jhimarketing, @dewynterslondon, @IAMarketingUK, Emma Martin, @bdewhurst, @OriginalTheatre, @ETTtweet, @AmelieMusicalUK, @julietmusical, @danielletarento